In 2004 I compiled a short book for my  family documenting some of the places in which I had lived and visited while working my way around the World. This website is an extension of that book allowing me to keep it as up-to-date as possible.


In my life I have been very lucky to have spent time in some of the World's most beautiful and interesting places.  In the late 1990's I lived in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. I then moved to South Africa and from there spent a few years living in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.  I ended up spending just under two years in New York before returning to the UK. My travelling days didn't end there however, and in 2008 I spent a further 6 months shuttling back and forth between home in England and a flat in Dubai.  Since then I have been solely based in the UK but have been able to keep travelling and as my family has expanded from me on my own to the two of us and then again with the birth of our daughter, we have been able to visit some amazing places together.


This website is meant to be a private place for my friends and family even though it's in a public environment.  It's a document of some of the sites I and we have seen and the places I and we have been.


All images were taken by me and all are subject to copyright. Having said that, feel free to ask me if you wish to download and use one, I am quite approachable and will send you a better resolution original than you'll find on this site.


I hope you enjoy the pictures.






Simon Antony Craddock